“The Bookmark” is not merely a name but it is the story of a parent like you whose journey into the world of books started with my six month old son. I had decided to take a backseat in my career and spend more time with him.While searching for books for my son, I realized I can help other parents too for the same. My search also made me realize there is a strong deficit in books on Indian folktales and culture.One thing led to another .

     A strong support in the form of my husband Mr Suriya Prakash, and overwhelming requests from our Facebook followers, resulted in this website cum online (and offline) store. This became a medium for me to spread the joy of reading and also my love for the print medium – the smell of books and feeling those pages in my hand.

     Over a period of time, our customers became our friends too. Our aim is to get the best books for kids at affordable prices without compromising on quality. I make sure I personally pick age appropriate books - a wide genre of Indian and foreign books – to provide the best experiences for the little ones.

     Most parents’ normal queries to me range from “what age can we begin reading to our kids” to “when they will start reading on their own”. For that, I only tell them: “Catch ‘em young”: the earlier you start the better.

We are also specialized in setting up libraries for kids in various places.. You can write to us at support@thebookmark.in for your enquiry.

I also post book reviews on my blog http://blog.thebookmark.in

You are welcome to post comments and feedback on both website and blog.

 Welcome to my world of books!


Swathi Suriya Prakash


Anyone who is a part of this group should feel rather privileged. Firstly Swathi has such an amazing collection that she has something for everyone. She treats your as friend and always willing to help you get the books that you are looking for. It happened with me when I was still new on this group and she got me 'Borka' by John Burningham. I had missed it a few times on other groups. But when she got to know that I was looking for it and she had a copy with her it didn't take her more than a moment to revert to me. From then on there has been no looking back. It has just got better and better. I really cherish every book I have got from her. In an odd case if there has been an issue with a book, you don't have to remind her second time. The replacement is invariably there in the next shipment. To be honest there have been times when books have been shipped first and I have made the payment afterwards. It is reflection of trust that she has reposed in me that I do everything to prove worthy of. So thank you Swathi. What you are doing is incredible and that is the way to do it.. .


Thanks a lot for sending me such lovely collection of books. All have been well packed and posted and I am still in awwwww at the moment. Cant even believe that they are with me. You were very helpful and prompt with my questions and took all the care . Will post pics as we do read them. Now excited to read them with my lil one.


"My experience of shopping with The Bookmark has been excellent. Books by Indian writers at affordable prices and good customer service bring us back again and again. My daughter loves the books especially the Gajapathi Kulapathi series, the smile and Not yet are her favorites. A constant at bedtime. Thank you Swathi and Bookmark for adding so much joy to our favorite hobby.